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March 2022,

2:01 pm

Dear Friend. 

If becoming financially free is one of your deepest desire in 2022, then invest the next 3 minutes of your time and go through what I’ve written down here for you.

What would making an extra 250k to 500k every month do for you?


👉 Will you finally be able to afford the kind of life you deeply desire for yourself?


👉Will it help you get rid of the inferiority you’re currently experiencing to gaining massive boldness and confidence when speaking in public?


👉Will you finally have enough funds to spoil your parents or loved ones just the way you like?


👉Or help you in getting that person you love so much but has written you off because you’re not making much yet?


Now, I want you to imagine in a second how beautiful life could be for you if making such or more every month was a thing you’re experiencing right now…


Especially in this current Nigeria economy.


I’m pretty sure most company managers don’t even earn that much in a month.


But wait…


What if I tell you that making 250k or more consistently every month is not as hard as you may think?


You see, I used to think it was impossible not until I found this business model that has enabled me bank 6 figures consistently without leaving the four corners of my house.


For me, consistently making above 250k monthly, has been a game changer.


Now you may ask, what is this business model and how can I milk from it as well…


Before I go ahead to break down in 3 simple steps how this business model works…


Did you know that right now there are millions of people all over the world who are searching for one information or the other online?


  • It could be how to lose weight in 30 days.


  • How to get a well paying job in Lagos.


  • How to shrink fibroid without surgery. E.t.c


They’re lots of people experiencing different pains and problems, and one of the places they go to seek solution after God is Google.


Now here’s the thing…


What if we could help them find the perfect solution to their deepest pain/problems, package it in form of an information digital product…and sell to them…


Do you think they’ll buy?


I guess you shouted yes! lol

This is exactly how I rake in my 6 figures monthly without leaving the 4 corners of my house even as a very busy person

I simply create a hot information product around a major problem people are passing through…and my bank keeps receiving those heavy alerts.

For a N1000 product, I only need 250 persons in a month to make 250k

And trust me, with the power of the internet, getting 250 people who can buy my 1k product is as simple as A,B,C.

What you'll get inside this masterclass

In this closed whatsapp masterclass, I’ll be introducing you to this awesome business model…

Where you’ll learn:


  • What information product is.


  • Why you’ve not been able to create and market your own info product.


  • How to create an information digital product that is guaranteed to sell.


  • How to kick start your own 6 figure info business in 2022.


Sounds awesome? Click the link below to join the masterclass. 

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