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ecommerce & importation expert finanlly unvails how you can become a widely successful procurement agent, procuring goods for yourself and clients without having to pay a dime to any agent ever again...

Fed up with the outrageous agent fees that's eating you up…and want to learn how you can get the job done yourself? Then this webinar is a must attend!

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There’s a secret the top 1% of successful importers know that helps them rake in multiple 7 figures a month from their mini importation business…


That the importers who are in most cases struggling to get their capital back talk less of profit…don’t know.

Want to know what this secret is? I'll tell you

The ability to buy items directly from manufacturers without having to pay any agent fees or anything is the difference between an importer who makes seven figures monthly and one who battles to recoup back capital.

If you have little experience in mini importation, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the charges of many agents are just too excessive…


That sometimes even getting your capital back can become a thug of war.


So, in some cases, to get around this you may need to price your products very high so you can at least make some profit.


But the disadvantage of doing this is that you may have real time struggle selling out these products which may result in a huge loss because some products might get damaged due to keeping them for so long.


Some people may even start using the items as gifts eventually. Too bad for a growing business I must say.


All of these can make you wonder if mini importation is still profitable and lucrative as most people claim.

But here's the truth my friend...

Mini importation is sweet and super profitable if only you know how to buy goods directly from manufacturers by yourself, without having to pay any procurement agent a dime…


And use that money you should have given to a procurement agent…to even buy more goods for yourself instead.

That’s what you and I want right? YES!

If you're on this page right now reading this, then I'll assume 2 things...

1. You’re tired of sharing links and paying procurement agents huge fees to buy and import goods for you…

And want to learn how you can get the job done by yourself and even procure goods for clients.


2. You’ve tried to become a procurement agent all by yourself and have failed. You’ve wasted money and have encountered series of challenges that has frustrated you.


If any of the above I just mentioned sounds familiar…


Then you want to be part of this life changing bootcamp I hold once in every year.


Where I’ll be showing you how you can become a procurement agent, where you independently buy goods from manufacturers for yourself and even for clients


…and becoming more profitable in your mini importation business.

But am new to mini importation can I still attend this bootcamp?

YES! you’re in the right place…

Because in this bootcamp, I’m going to teach you all about importation from scratch and how you can grow it into a profitable business.

About your tutor

My name is Blessing Ajala. I am an entrepreneur and passionate business coach. I’m also the founder of BnB Global Links, a business I started from zero and has grown into a 7 figure group of businesses. I have gathered close to 10 years of experience in the online space especially in importation business, Ecommerce and digital marketing. In importation business alone, I have trained over 2000 persons to become profitable importers.

30 Slots Left...Join Now!

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